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Name: Charley Oldham

Specialism: Literacy

Since qualifying as a primary teacher ten years ago, I have consistently pushed and challenged myself to be better. It is thanks to numerous amazing individuals who have inspired, supported, mentored and criticised me, that I continue to be passionate about education and want to ultimately ensure that I can use all of my personal experiences to help to motivate others, no matter what their current situation or settings is. I strongly value a team approach and leading by example to truly foster positive change and improvement. To be able to assist schools on their personal journeys is a hugely rewarding process.

Throughout my teaching career, I have had the opportunity to teach in all year groups across kS1and KS2. I led foundation subjects and became a Literacy leader seven years ago, after completing my NPQML. During this time, I was extremely privileged to work as part of the Northamptonshire AIP to implement a widely renowned incentive  , know as 'Talk For Writing'.

Currently, I have been a deputy headteacher for the last four years, in addition to teaching the Maths and English in Year 6 for the last three.

My role as a kS2 moderator for the local authority has enabled me to have a good working knowledge of assessment procedures and teaching the new National Curriculum. In addition, I have also worked for Pearson for the last four years as an external SATS marker - which has further improved my knowledge and understanding of the requirements considerably.

I have been accepted as an SLE to specifically support improvements in Literacy both in school settings and to provide training for the local authority.

Literacy has always been and will always be my passion. Taught correctly, it allows for endless creativity, fun and for every child to achieve- no matter what their starting point is. With the current national expectations and interim assessment frameworks, we are all unfortunately able to to fall into the trap of teaching to tests and lists. Children are not robots and neither are we. We must not loose sight of the reason as to why we all became teachers and leaders of education in the first place.

Recently, I have supported other leaders and teachers in:

  • Moderation of standards across my school and neighbouring schools
  • Data analysis of pupil progress and outcomes
  • Improving marking and Self-assessment strategies
  • supporting under performing teachers to improve and be consistently 'good'
  • Supporting NQT's to achieve high standards
  • Embedding whole school reading and writing systems
  • Embedding whole school formative assessment procedures 
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